Develop lasting relationships with your customers

Social Media is a potential new area for businesses to take advantage of. Every business needs to be in-touch with their client base and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others can open the door. By being a part of these social entities your business will gain an automatic boost to your online visibility, keep up to date with how your customers perceive your online reputation and popularize your brand.Many business owners view social media as too difficult to understand all of the ins and outs, or too time consuming to stay on top of posting vital information and use them to their greatest potential.

Let Every Merchant take the reigns and manage your accounts.

We will maximize your persona with photos, industry related news and calendar information for your customers and client’s to be aware of. We will even connect you with, our social media headquarters. With this online management tool you will have the ability to manage all of your platforms under one roof- schedule Tweets, Facebook Posts, LinkedIn messages and more to all of your active social media platforms.

New Facebook Client Partner Program

Every Merchant is now working hand and hand with Facebook to enhance Facebook Advertising opportunities for our clients. We will work, on your behalf, with Facebook to create a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign across facebook’s usership. Using elements like demographics, location and likes of other Facebook users, we can help target the perfect client to target for your advertisements.

If you are interested in learning more about the New Facebook Client Partner Program please fill out the form below and one of our Associates will be intouch with you shortly to talk about strategy and more details about becoming a partner.

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Every Merchant can help you:

  • Manage and streamline your social media accounts.
  • Post the right kind of content that will attract customers.
  • Generate publicity, increase awareness of your company and drive business.
  • Increase your search engine ranking with more mentions of your brand and website.
  • Monitor and respond to customer posts in order to enhance your online reputation.
  • Set up accounts across new, varied social media sites to stay current and relevant.
  • Analyze monthly reports and develop strategies for social media success.