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We Create & Target Your Ad Campaign in a Few Steps

We’ll Create and Target Your Ad Campaign Based on the Results You Want

Google Ads Can Help Your Business Obtain the Following:

  • Get More Calls to Your Business
  • Increase Visits to Your Store
  • Drive Customers to Your Website
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We Create The Right Message For Your Business

We’ll Find Out What’s Most Important to Your Business to Create Compelling Banner Ads

We Are Experts of Our Craft:

  • Proven and Reliable Results For Our Customers
  • Google Premier and Enterprise Certifications
  • Over Ten Years of PPC Experience

We Test To Maximize Your Google Ad’s Visibility & Cost

How often is your Google or PPC ad seen? Our A/B & mobile testing will help your ads stand out.

An ad is considered viewable when:

  • Display Ads: 50% is in view for at least 1 second
  • Video Ads: 50% is in view and playing for at least 2 seconds
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Tracking Your Ad Campaign Results Has Never Been Easier

We Provide Full Detailed Reporting. Email & Call Tracking Also Available.

What is Pay-Per-Click-Advertising or Marketing?

The process of getting your website new visitors and customers requires  consistent and relevant web traffic. SEO alone can also take a great deal of time to develop before delivering the visitor traffic you need organically to survive. However, if your busy season is approaching, and you want to move product or  services fast, you may not have time to wait the typical six weeks to three months search engines often take to index your website. You want to consider Pay Per Click Advertising or also known as PPC advertising.

If you need results now, EveryMerchant has 10+ years of expertise across many verticals in pay per click marketing and management to drive instant and targeted customers and leads to your website.

EveryMerchant can help your business generate leads through a Pay Per Click campaign. We provide detailed reporting and can also track customer calls and email forms filled out. This assures us that you are receiving quality leads that are converting. We are a Google Ads Certified Partner and can manage text ads, display ads, mobile ads, video ads, remarketing ads and eCommerce paid advertising across the following networks:

PPC Ad Networks We Manage

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Comcast Spotlight

Types of Pay Per Click Ads

  • Text Ads
  • Display Banner Ads
  • Mobile Ad Campaigns
  • Video Ads Campaigns
  • Remarketing Ad Campaigns
  • Shopping and eCommerce Campaigns

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Google Search Services
Google Pay Per Click Ads
Google Analytics Setup
Facebook Search Ads

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