Social Management Tool

Manage all of your social media communications

Simplify your business with Social Management Tool, the all-in-one social media solution. It allows for you to engage customers, measure results and monitor your brand and reviews across multiple social media channels all at once.

Engage the Social Web

Connect with users on multiple social platforms from the comfort of one dashboard. Get your message out to Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of other communities with one click.

Post in Multiple Networks

Track campaigns and monitor your brand. Real time tracking allows you to evaluate what works and what doesn’t, giving you instant flexibility through meaningful feedback. Measure clicks, comments, mentions, sentiment and responses.

Interact with Customers

Receive and respond to comments, likes, mentions and other interactions from one place. With a centralized platform, your multiple social niches become one coherent community.

Social Management Tool has allowed me to manage multiple clients on dozens of platforms, and it has given me useable feedback. I could never do this all on my own.

Some genuinely grand work on behalf of the owner of this website, dead outstanding subject matter