Merchant Connect Ads helps you create and place Digital Display Ads. These custom-created and locally targeted ads showcase your business on specially selected webpages of other local businesses in your town or city. For example, an ad for an insurance agent could be promoted on a local used car dealers page or an apartment complex down the street for rental insurance.

The brand awareness these ads generate helps you to compete on a whole different level — stand out from competitors and increase your chances of being chosen by local consumers.

Here’s how Merchant Connect Ads can help you!

  • Connect with new customers formerly out of your reach and build credibility with potential clients.
  • Stand out from your competitors with dynamic, custom-created ads.
  • Generate brand awareness and compete with already established national brands.
  • Monitor and regularly re-target your campaign to guarantee success.
  • Share information with customers in an easy-to-update business profile.
  • Analyze impressions, rollovers and clicks with an online dashboard.