Free COVID-19 Help and Support for Our Valued Small Business Clients

To Our Valued Small Businesses:

The impact of the Coronavirus. ( COVID-19 ) during this difficult time is stretching the resources of all businesses. EveryMerchant.com is here to help and support you.

COVID-19 Help For Small Businesses

Here a few steps our team is taking that we feel are essential for all businesses to get through this time:

  • Updating websites, google profiles and social media with information around COVID-19.
  • Deploying pop-up widgets to inform customers of real-time updates.
  • Utilizing Eblast services to inform customers directly about business activity and updates.
  • Doing a strategic Spring cleaning for key business areas. Spring Cleaning could include:
    • Website Updates
    • Content Updates
    • Graphics and Visual Updates
    • SEO Updates
    • Creative Social Media Strategies
    • Creative New Customers Outreach – Direct Mail, etc
    • Existing Client Communication Plan
    • Revenue Generating Concepts

Please note: We have moved our operations and are working remotely to provide immediate support and guidance during this time

Let us know how we can help or if you have any questions.

Call 800.247.3976 or email: [email protected].

Stay well and resilient!

Andre Leftwich
President & CEO

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