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SEO and Web Marketing

SEO and Web Marketing

With Google at the helm, the internet is a driving force behind the scenes in the new age of the business world.   Over the past ten or so years the way the internet has opened up the digital information world, is truly amazing.  There was a time when a written letter or the door-to-door salesman where the epitome of business communications.


Oh how things have changed.


The internet has made it possible for people to ask questions, raise awareness and project their emotions and thoughts via social media, websites and blogging.  The world is ours to conquer, both as a branded company and as an individual.


Let’s talk websites:


When creating a website, you obviously need to create an aesthetically pleasing look for the site and make it user friendly.   The easier the user experience the more likely people will find what they want, or even what you want them to find.


Next we have Content as a key player in Google’s new Search Engine Optimization rules to live by on the web.  Creating creative and original content that is relevant and vital to your company, products, services and brand are important to Google’s new schematics and algorithm that is used to align web searches with truthful outcomes.


The more clear and specific your information is for your website, the better chances you are to appear on searches.   Both the seen copy, which is seen by the public and lives on the website, and the internally created Meta data, tiles, keywords, etc., which are hidden from most people’s eyes, all combine to create your website’s story.


Don’t be fooled though, searches use these factors- website appearance, copy and meta data, as well as search relevance, history of searches and many other factors to create the search outcomes.  Google has a monopoly on accurately understanding it’s own algorithm…


Because they made it…


But on a good note, many SEO companies have been on the doorstep working to understand all of the rules and tricks to better create opportunities for the average company.


The business world is using the internet to it’s advantage and companies who aren’t and are not seeing the benefits of these opportunities are missing out on potential business.


Your SEO value needs to be strong to survive in the Google spearheaded world of the internet and web marketing.


Now ask yourself this- Is your website up to par?

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