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We began small… Almost 10 years ago in my parent’s basement, when my mother asked if I could play some music for my sister’s 13th birthday party. My mother gave my friend John and myself $40 to do so. We promptly called a friend of ours, Bob Hanf, AKA The Godfather.  Bob gave us some old speakers, a few CD players, and we set up shop.

We loved every minute of working the event and invested our money that we made at Giant to purchase our first ever system. From there we depended on family and friends to throw us work. We quickly built up a list of referrals and worked on our skill set.   We kept putting our money we made back into the company, upgrading our equipment to be the best it could be. We learned in the very beginning the importance of ‘state of the art equipment’ because without it there is always a wild card that could destroy your gig.

Ace DJ Entertainment would DJ at High Schools, Grade Schools, sport team’s Beef and Beer Fundraisers and anywhere we could possibly find.  We met other DJs along the way, who were just as passionate as we were.  Sharing skills, gaining wisdom from other DJ companies and putting our own spin on them were key for us.  We wanted to give the best show to our clients, so we pushed ourselves to learn how.

Upon working with for an online marketing company we further gained the knowledge of how to market our business, especially on the internet.  We created a marketing plan very different than we had before.  This has been vital to bringing in new clients and expanding our business.

Since we first embarked on this expansion of the company, out of necessity John and I added 4 full-time DJs and 2 part-timers to help us out.  We have been growing every year since 2008 and plan on keeping this momentum up for years to come.

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by Anthony Turco Co-Owner

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