Are you Engaging your Followers via Social Media?

By November 22, 2013Marketing, Social Media

Who isn’t on Facebook and Twitter? If you answered “Me,” then we have a problem if you are talking your business. Hold off on reading this; go start a Facebook group for your company or a Twitter account. Go on…All you need is an email address and make up a password and basic information for now.

Go back and fill out the rest of your vital information later, in great detail. The Who, What, Where, When and the rest of the information about your company…

Now that we all have Facebook and Twitter for our company it is time to talk about postings. Postings are basically pieces of information that you want to show other people and your (eventual) followers. Here is where you can talk about sales that you are having, new events that will be happening, interesting news, industry related materiel and much more.

The question remains though, are you writing things that are only interesting to you or for your followers?

You have these pages so that people can interact with you and you can tell them what is happening, simultaneously. Interaction is key. You want your followers to write on your wall and comment on your pictures, funny stories or important events. Interaction means that someone actually cares about your company and what you are passionate about.

The use of pictures is a great tool to interact with people. Try putting up a picture of something original or different or odd that you have in your office or that you sell and add a post that says “Caption This.” Here is your stepping-stone to interaction with your customers.

Pictures, related news, why people need to go to your website or shop- These are things that are social media marketing, without looking like you are hard selling. If you only tell people “Sale Today” everyday, then it isn’t a sale at all and these tactics will annoy people in the long run. You can be sincere and informative, but whimsical in your posts to enhance viewership and interactions on a daily basis.

If you take nothing else away from this post- check your social media daily and interact with your clients.

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