Email Etiquette Part 2

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In the first Post about Email Etiquette, I wrote about the Do’s of Emailing.  Now we are up to the Don’ts of Emailing- just as important.


Business Communication is an implied tactic that we all need to need.  Whether we are writing emails to coworkers, clients, or even our bosses, we all need to know what is frowned upon when we are discussing emails.


Email Don'ts

Email Don’ts

Here are some things that are done all too often, but need to stop right now!


  • Don’t use an email in place of personal communication.  The internet is a great way to connect with people, but a phone call or face-to-face meeting still trumps all business communications


  • Be aware of the amount of subjects you talk about in one email. Do not discuss more than 4 topics in a single email.  If you need to talk about more things, then a phone call or meeting may be in order.


  • Be sparing with the use of group emails.  Email marketing is a great tool but it must be used correctly


  • Spamming is not okay.  When sending out emails for marketing campaigns it is in bad taste to send an email out to your entire address book.  You need to have a clear list of targeted contacts that is organized and has been refined.  Sending out email blasts to anyone and everyone will increase the likelihood that your message will be sent to a Spam folder.


  • Do not respond to an email in anger.  Take time to reflect over your ideas and thoughts before responding.  This may take a day or two and that is perfectly fine.


  • DO NOT WRITE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.  This style of writing is considered to be shouting, and can be taken as aggressive and rude within an email.  No client wants to feel as though you are shouting at him or her.  Use these sparingly.  For example- NEW 2013 PRODUCTS ARE HERE!


  • Do not respond with a one liner.  A response of ‘Okay’ or “Yup’ is unacceptable.  The responses are pointless and frustrating to the receiver of the email.


  • Do not send inappropriate items, websites or pictures.  You can be friends with your clients but keep the relationship Politically Correct.


  • Do not send Chain letters ever.



Live and breath these email etiquette quips and your coworkers, client and boss will thank you in the long run.


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