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Google has a variety of websites and services that can help your business; this isn’t news to most people aware of search engine popularity.  According to Nielson ratings, Google was ranked #1 with a little under 50% of the entire US population identifying as a regular user of Google, next was a distant Yahoo at 23.8%.  Google is constantly evolving its products and services to help businesses gain exposure in the new online marketing environment.

Google’s Virtual Walk-Through Tour

Google has created a new way for businesses to be seen online.  Using the technology based on their “street view” maps, Google has figured out a way to capture and showcase a business’s interior.  Yes, you read that correctly – Google now offers ways to integrate a walk through tour of your business.  They call this Google Business Photos.

The Google Business Photos are available through Google-trained and Google-certified photographers and agencies.  These photographers and salespeople are required to complete a thorough training program and follow the protocol that Google has established. Capturing your business in multiple 360-degree panoramic photo shots of the business or storefront will create a fully interactive walk through tour.

Your new tour will be featured on Google Maps, Place Pages and can even be embedded directly onto your website page or other applications.  “Point of Interest” shots will also be taken to enhance your accounts.  Items such as hours of operation, awards, unique features, business cards and different perspectives of your store will be photographed.  What a great way to show off your store!

How can you sign up for a business virtual tour?

  1. Contact a Trusted agency from Google.  Visit Business Photos for agencies.  Each photographer and agency has their own pricing.  Call around for pricing and portfolios.

  2. Schedule a time and date for a photo shoot.  You want to schedule a time when customer’s won’t be around.  Tours can take an 1-2 hours for a normal sized business, but outside factors, customers, issues can arise, so be ready.

  3. Once a photo shoot has been taken, you can add the tour to your website, your Google+ account, Place Pages and to your Google Map.  You can then hold your head up high and show off your beautiful store to the world.

Yes, this is a newer item for Google to bring to the public, but not a new idea.  Google has done this tour for massive hotels and venues around the country and the world.  But now Google has expanded their reach to these new audiences by certifying a select few agencies around the world to be their trusted agents and put together these tours for small businesses.

You can read more about virtual tours here.

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