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By November 19, 2013Marketing, SEO

The way people search the internet is constantly evolving. At first you needed to know the exact web address, then we could “Askjeeves” and he would help us find what we needed. Then the search engine, Google, changed the way you surf the web. The search algorithms that Google utilizes, established, transformed, and forever changed the way you, as a business, market yourself online.

Google Trends is a tool that allows you to search for words and phrases, known as keywords, and will provide your business with historical evidence of that keyword’s search history across the World Wide Web. Google Trends will show you the highs and lows of a keyword, show you how the searches differ in most countries, and can even show you a comparison between your business and your competitors.

A Google trend showing the search volume of "that escalated quickly"

A Google trend showing the search volume of “that escalated quickly”

Google Trends will:
· Give you insight to the past
· Research your competition
· Give you an idea of how things “can” work
· Show you comparisons in the market from year to year, month to month, day to day
· Show you comparisons in the market from country to country
· Give insight to new keywords popularity to use for PPC campaigns
· Helps you strategically plan your PPC campaigns
· Discover new keywords for effective web marketing
· Find the terms that you should avoid or ones that have dropped in popularity

All of these things can be done with the Google Trends tool. Pretty cool, right?!

Google Trends will give you information to help reformulate the keywords that you are using for your Adwords Pay Per Click campaign (PPC), and your SEO efforts across the web. This is not an exact science, but to use these Trends correctly you have to understand the way the Google search engine algorithm works and what are the best marketing practices across the web. That’s where we come in!

When a new algorithm is created, we are mindful to change how we market our clients and adapt our practices. Every Merchant continuously monitors the way that these search algorithms perform and change, which can affect the order in which your business appears on Google searches.

Google Trends is just one of the many tools that you need to understand to compete in the web marketing world. Every Merchant can help you start understanding web marketing and help you get the push that your business deserves.

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