Mobile Websites are the Future

By February 20, 2013Marketing

Web searching is not just for the laptop and desktop computer anymore.   We search our phones for addresses, search our social media platforms to keep up with interesting pictures, friends posts and learn randon facts about politics all while on our smartphones or tablet pads.  We are so well connected that we are lost without our cellular phones, which were scarce, at best, in the hands of a 13 year old.  Now adults, college kids, teens and even pre-teens have a phone stuck to their hip or in their purse at all times.


With a huge increase in mobile web traffic in 2012, of over 200%, it’s surprising that most websites are still not made or compatible for a smartphone or tablet. Android phones and iPhones are where the bulk of the non-traditional web searches are coming from… these are the top two groups in the world.  So why haven’t people figured this out?

smartphone and tablets

smarthphone and tablets

More and more mobile devices are used on the go and you have the ability to reach more customers with a mobile version of your site.  On average 70% of people searching for a local business on their mobile phone will take action thru a phone call, online reservation, finding directions or search your offerings from their cellphone.  Businesses need to understand these new tactics that are leaning towards web marketing and add them to their marketing plans.  This is one of those ideas that NEEDS to be added to every business.


In the world of Advertising and Marketing, they say you have 3-5 seconds to wow someone with your website…that is not a long time.  With the way technology is, as a part of the world, our cell phones and tablets keep us connected.  So for business’s sake convert your website into a mobile site and start seeing more business come through your door.


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