Starting a Business- Make a Plan

An idea is a dream and when you plan out your idea the dream becomes a reality.  This is the reality of a business owner.


Starting a business from scratch is not an easy feet.  There is a category in business known as Entrepreneurship that is as specific as it is tough to spell correctly.  Entrepreneurship means taking on innovation, or realization of a new idea and following through.  Not everyone has the ability to become an Entrepreneur and follow the dream of owning and creating original ideas, services or offers.


Social Network

Business Plan

You need a plan, a budget and a long-term vision for your company.  You must be aware of the market, find a perfect storefront or office and many other pieces of the pie that will create the business.


Here are some important benchmarks of information that you need to make sure are in order before fully branching out into the market:

  • Business Strategy- create a long term plan of action
  • Social media plan of action
  • Direct marketing plan
  • Web marketing plan
  • Traditional marketing- print, radio, TV
  • Youtube marketing- viral videos or creating and updating your page
  • Budget allocation
  • Market analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Start up funding- private/public share holders
  • What Niche market are your clients a part of?
  • Product, promotion, place (demographics), price- 34 P’s of business


Use these aspects of business planning to fully equip yourself with all of your planning needs.  Make sure that all of these are in place or almost ready to become living solutions before firing up your businesses engine.  A well thought out and planned business plan will make your new business run smoothly, even in the infant stage.  You will therefore have less issues and hiccups along the way.


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