Twitter- The Importance of Hashtags

By April 9, 2013Social Media

Every company has their own language. All companies have their own specific culture, from Monday’s hand clapping circle to empower the sales people to Thursday’s Sunshine meeting to plan birthday… all of these ideas are specific and special with the words people use or the actions that are within the culture. The same goes for social media platforms- from “Likes” on Facebook, to “Pinning” and “Boards” on Pinterest, to “+1” something for Google… and the list goes on. We will be discussing twitter’s “#” A.K.A. the hashtag.


Hashtags and Twitter go together like peanut butter and jelly, ying and yang, and business and a business plan.  Hashtags are a relatively newer idea in social media, with Twitter being the full-fledged leader on making the hashtag an important aspect of everyday life.

Hashtags can be tricky to understand and not everyone knows how to use them correctly.  They are relevant, they are relatable and above all else, an anchor to the information that you may be referring to.  They not only compliment what you are talking about but they also refer to others who may be talking and searching for the same type of information, topic or products.


The hashtag is it’s own community and people use a specific hashtags to create a community of there own; for example if you use a specific hashtag with your message like:


EM Tweet

Every Merchant’s Tweet


And it is set at specific time every week then your followers will know that you are calling for marketing chat and people can chime in to the conversation, or adds to the information.  This “call to action” will help create a buzz online and can enhance your readership and followers.


Hashtags can add to your reach of potential followers, help you find conversations and topics that you can relate to and want to add to, and even be used to discuss products and services.  All of these types of tweets are perfect for business in different situations, respectively.  You have to decide what style of Tweet and hashtags that will work with your marketing plan.

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