We Want Merchant Story Tellers

By February 21, 2013Merchant Stories


small business owners

small business owners

Every Merchant and business owner has a story to tell.  We want to hear yours.


Do you think that Henry Ford’s Model t and the moving conveyer belt was the first idea that he had?  I bet he tried thousands of different ideas before he had that eureka moment.  Did Mark Zuckerburg start Facebook in his sleep?  Of course not.  He worked hard to make it into the global sensation that we have today.  What about Steve Jobs and the iPhone?  How many block looking and heavy cellular phones did we have before the creation of the iPhone?  Thousands.  Do you remember the time cell phones had a wire and were attached to a battery pack in a briefcase?


The evolution of the world and great ideas doesn’t just appear overnight.  There is planning, demonstrating, selling and revamping an entire idea until it is not just a good idea, but a GREAT idea.


We want to know your stories of obstacles that you had to overcome and stories of achieving your goals, and more, because that’s what makes being a Merchant so enjoyable; you defeat the difficulty and create your own story of success.


Tell us your story.


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