Which website is #2 to Google?

By August 20, 2013Marketing, What's New

Yahoo? Bing? ESPN? Ebay? Craigslist? A big “NO” to them all.

The number 2 search website in the world is… drum roll, please… Youtube.

Here is a fun fact for you- Youtube is owned by Google, which means Google owns the number one and two search engines in the world. Talk about a monopolistic attitude and business model… The results of Google owning Youtube, makes the idea of video based media that much more important in your marketing strategy. Articles, event calendars and the like are all important information to have on your website, but a simple piece of media, eg- Youtube video, can add a new aspect to your site. These videos will become a part of the Google search patterns and will become indexed by Google much faster than other web browsers, because it owns Youtube. Youtube clips can even add SEO value to your website and Youtube channel by using tagging keywords associated with your videos and title tags for search results. It’s all about whom you know, even in the world of the internet.

Youtube is not only the number two website for searches and information, but Youtube has over 1 billion… yes, a BILLION viewers every month. 1 billion people are sitting watching videos that you may have posted. Viral videos, cat’s playing the keyboard, people doing tricks… these are the things that people are watching. 4 billion hours of videos are watched every month, in 53 countries, 61 languages; this is how information is found.( source: Youtube.com)

Youtube, is a powerful tool that you can add to your marketing and media arsenal, that can make your website “pop” and become a bit more interactive. Youtube may be the quieter machine, but being number 2 isn’t so bad, when your brother is running the web. Google and Youtube are walking together and ruling us all.

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