Think Like a Customer, Act Like a Business

Businesses have to do a lot of behind the scenes work, to give a client a final project.  A day in the life of a business is complicated; There is customer service, sales calls, cleaning up your store, hiring employees, working on marketing material, creating business relationships, organizations to be a part of and continuous development of your overall goals and your company’s big picture.  That sentence was even complicated with all of those items… But the important thing to remember is: Don’t let the customer see all of these things.  You want them to see you as a professional business who offers them great products and services.

I am not saying that every business is convoluted, but the idea of telling all of your customers all of the small things that make a business run, is not typically a selling point.  Customers want to know how to get what you offer, nothing more, so putting a simple message in front of a potential customer’s eyes is the best practice for any business.

A friendly face and an outstretched arm was a great sales tool, in the day of traveling salesman.  Now the best price points and best bang for the buck is what people go for.  Competition in the business world is a given.  There are millions of companies that are searching for the perfect people to buy their products and services, and a million others looking to take that customer as their own.  What will make your company stand out.

People do there own research these days.  People will jump onto a search engine and search for reviews, search for comments and stories to sway the decision towards or away from a company or product.  Every business needs to have an understanding that people want to know what it does, how it looks, how big it is and what are the benefits and flaws.  These are all simple questions to ask and hopefully to answer.

Long story short: if you keep your business simple to an on-looker, than they will be happier clients.  Think like a customer, but act like a business.

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